Empire of Dirt

Director: Peter Stebbings Year: 2013 Run Time: 99min
Empire of Dirt (2013)

When single mom Lena (Gee) realizes that her daughter may be in danger of succumbing to the same addiction issues she herself faced, she decides to leave the city with her and return home to her estranged mother (Podemski) in the rural community of her youth. The homecoming forces Lena to deal with her past and raises issues that test all three generations of this family of spirited women.

Powerful and inspiring, Empire of Dirt was nominated for five Canadian Screen Awards, including Best Picture.

Empire of Dirt tells a traditional mothers-and-daughters story in a new way by making their Cree heritage and the role it has in their lives and relationships the true heart of the drama.” — Linda Barnard, Toronto Star


Peter Stebbings


Shannon Masters


Jennifer Podemski, Bob Crowe, Bob Crowe, Heather K Dahlstrom, Geoff Ewart


Cara Gee, Shay Eyre, Jennifer Podemski, Luke Kirby






Empire of Dirt is filmed and set in Ontario. Peter Stebbings is from British Columbia.

Ratings by Province:

NR Alberta
NR British Columbia
14A Manitoba
NR New Brunswick
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14A Ontario
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