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April 9, 2017

Vancouver Programs Canadian Film Week for NCFD 150

Not content to just celebrate National Canadian Film Day 150 (NCFD 150) on April 19, the Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF) is going all out with a whole week of programming they’ve dubbed Canadian Film Week.

On April 19, award-winning director Atom Egoyan will join VIFF for a triple feature extravaganza at downtown Vancouver’s VanCity Theatre. To start the evening Egoyan has hand-picked the 1977 thriller SKIP TRACER, a film that influenced his own filmmaking. SKIP TRACER writer/director Zale Dalen will be in attendance as a guest. To follow, Atom Egoyan and actor Bruce Greenwood will be on hand for the 20th Anniversary presentation of THE SWEET HEREAFTER and a Q&A after the film. To conclude, Egoyan will introduce EXOTICA, his breakout film and first collaboration with Greenwood, which will cap off the night.

But that’s not all! Bold Canadian-made films will be gracing Vancouver screens all week long. John Barnard’s MENORCA, a David Lynch-influenced dark comedic drama about motherhood, sex and suburban malaise, will screen twice, featuring a Q&A with star Tammy Gillis for the April 15 showing. Shot around Vancouver and directed by Brendan Prost, SENSITIVE PARTS is a dramatic comedy about the messiness of modern romance—a mess that can only be navigated with the help of an imaginary friend modelled after Beyoncé! Prost will be in attendance to do a Q&A for both screenings. The frank and empathetic documentary THE STAIRS follows several years in the lives of street-involved people in Toronto’s Regent Park as their own pasts inform their tenuous stability and public health work with the people in their neighbourhood. Four of the film’s five screenings will feature a Q&A or panel discussion with the filmmaker, Hugh Gibson.

Check out VIFF’s Canadian Film Week page for the complete listings, showtimes and tickets for all eleven films that will be screened. And use our CanFilmDay website to search for other events in and around Vancouver and all across Canada.

Atom Egoyan will be a key figure in VIFF’s Canadian Film Week

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