What kind of support do you offer to your screening partners?

February 2, 2018

We encourage all our partners to host FREE screenings so that all Canadians have access to a great Canadian film on NCFD. If you do choose to host a FREE screening of a film (especially if you select the title from our curated shortlist), then we can help you cover various costs, including:

– The rights to screen the film(s)
– A copy of the film(s)
– A digital copy of the NCFD “pre-show” that all our partners are encouraged to show before their film(s)
– A “digital party kit” of online resources and marketing materials to help you promote your event, which can be found on our Screening Partner Resources page.
– Support from our team of coordinators who will talk you through the process of planning your event, and cheer you on!

To find out what we’re able to help with, get in touch.