Online Access

Would you like to watch a great Canadian film on National Canadians Films Day 150 (NCFD 150) from the comfort of your own couch? We’ve got you covered. There are tons of Canadian movies available online for you to rent or download right now — and, of course, on April 19, 2017!




Canada First

In honour of Canada’s 150th anniversary in 2017, Telefilm Canada has curated a collection fo Canadian feature films in partnership with Canadian distributors exclusively for iTunes. The collection showcases 150 of the best Canadian movies released between 2005 and 2016. English- and French-language titles are available to rent or own in both official languages.

For our “150 Canadian Films,” you can also see where they are available online directly on their individual film pages. Don’t know what the “150 Canadian Films” are? Let’s get started!