Photo Booth Instructions

February 24, 2017

Don’t worry, you don’t have to build a physical booth! All you need is a bit of ingenuity and imagination, and you’ll be all set.

Materials needed:

  • A backdrop
  • Fun props
  • NCFD 150 #CanFilmDay speech bubbles – which you received in your Screening Party Kit!
1) First, pick a spot!

Ideally, your photo booth will be somewhere in your venue that’s easily accessible and brightly lit, where people can stop to take photos or selfies without blocking traffic or getting in the way of other audience members getting to their seats or to the concession stand.

2) Next, create a backdrop. You’ve got several options:
  • One popular option is to create your own “step & repeat”. What’s a step & repeat? It’s a large banner with one or more repeating graphics (usually logos). You’ve probably seen these many times on TV, online and in magazines as celebrities walk red carpets at film festivals and award shows. This is the most common “photo backdrop” used for such events.
  • If you want to create your own NCFD 150 step & repeat, head to the Screening Partner Resources page of our website [] to download and print the NCFD, REEL CANADA and Canada 150 logos. You can print multiple copies of each and paste them in a repeating pattern against a wall. You can even add your own organization’s logo into the mix!
  • NCFD 150 posters can also be used to create a backdrop – use the ones we sent you, and download more from the Screening Partner Resources page on our site.
  • If your photo booth concept is more “party” and less “red carpet”, you can get creative. Get red & white balloons, tinsel curtains or other fun party decorations from your local dollar store or craft store and make something yourself – this can be Canada-themed, or not – it’s up to you!
3) Then, get some fun props!

We’ve sent you a couple of #CanFilmDay speech bubbles to use for this purpose.

But don’t stop there! Again, head to your local dollar store or craft store to buy silly hats, novelty sunglasses, feather boas or other fun “costume” items. These can be Canada-themed, movie-themed, or just plain fun.

You don’t have to spend any money on these props – you might be able to get your volunteers or collaborators to bring in fun stuff that they have at home. Just make sure it’s labelled so that they can get it back at the end of the night.

4) Last but certainly not least, put up a sign. Here’s a template with some easy instructions that we recommend posting somewhere near the photo-booth area:

NCFD Photo Booth

Take photos & selfies here!

We want to see them all, so tag @CanFilmDay on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and use our hashtag, #CanFilmDay!

Have a VERY happy National Canadian Film Day!

As people arrive at your event, encourage them to use the photo booth. Have fun!

Speech Bubbles

Get everyone excited about your events with these speech bubbles.


[Download] Version 1: #CanFilmDay

[Download] Version 2: Movies from EH to Zed

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