NCFD World Tour: From Kazakhstan to Cuba, and Everything in between!

April 16, 2017

(Inter)National Canadian Film Day 150

We had so many international events happening they wouldn’t all fit in one post!
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We thought the 400+ events put on for last year’s National Canadian Film Day made it a pretty massive event, but it pales in comparison to NCFD 150. This year we have over 1,700 events confirmed! In fact, we have so many that Canada has burst at the seams with NCFD 150 fun, and we’ve had to expand outside of our own borders.

That’s a level of expansion we never dreamed of, and one that will end up touching every continent on the planet (well, except for Antarctica, but there’s still time)! We are thrilled to be bringing Canadian film to the world in a way that encourages international cooperation, and shows the world that our movies are really, really great.



It is unsurprising that with their vast geography and long winters, Kazakhstanis, like Canadians, love hockey. So it was only natural that the film chosen to screen in the Kazakhstani capital of Astana would be THE ROCKET, the biopic of Montreal Canadiens superstar Maurice “the Rocket” Richard.

We were able to track down Russian subtitles especially for this timely screening, which will take place just as the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL) playoffs are winding down and the National Hockey League (NHL) playoffs are beginning. That feels like a great way to promote Kazakhstan/Canada relations and our mutual love of the game. Hey Kazakhstan, if you ever want to play a game of shinny, we’ll bring the puck if you call for cars!

We have Canadian Embassies, Consulates, and High Commissions all over the world participating. To name only a few: Guests in South Africa can take a picnic lunch and watch THE F WORD on the lawn of the High Commission – a perfect afternoon date if you happen to be in Pretoria, South Africa, on April 19.

The Consulate in Sydney, Australia—one of two events down under—will screen the political comedy (GUIBORD S’EN VA-T-EN GUERRE) MY INTERNSHIP IN CANADA as a lunch-time team building opportunity. We’re wondering if an internship in Australia might be similar? And the embassy in Paris, France is working with the gallery Centre culturel canadien de Paris and Galerie de l’UQAM to present Motion, a curated exhibit of short films by Quebec filmmakers, which will be projected on the gallery walls throughout the day.

Screenings of the insightful and very timely 2016 documentary ANGRY INUK will be plentiful. Aside from several screenings in Canada, the film is showing in Denmark and Finland, and in London, UK where it will screen at the Bertha Doc House in partnership with Hot Docs. ANGRY INUK is an award-winning doc that smartly and wryly reframes the controversial topic of seal hunting as a cultural – and political – issue for Northern people, exploring the effects of hunt (and of animal activism) on Inuit peoples’ traditional ways of life.

Speaking of stories about Inuit life, Inuk actress Annabella Piugattuk, star of THE SNOW WALKER, will be joining guests via Skype for a special Q&A after a screening of the film in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Film is a universal language, so the Canadian Trade Office in Taipei will be programming a compilation of NFB short films without spoken dialogue. The series will be show in 20 museums, cultural centres, cafes, and similar venues across Taiwan.

A French-Immersion program in Sri Lanka will show the bilingual film FRENCH IMMERSION in conjunction with a moderated discussion about bilingualism and Canada’s work on the national languages program in Sri Lanka as part of the broader reconciliation process. Events like these demonstrate that Canadian film—like Canada itself—is truly cross-cultural.  

REEL CANADA worked with embassies in the Republic of the Congo and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) to put on a handful of screenings. These embassies got so caught up in the fun, they ended up planning a whopping ten screenings of LA LÉGENDE DE SARILA, GABRIELLE and LA GRANDE SÉDUCTION in five cities throughout Congo and DRC.

We even have one inspired and ambitious Canadian student studying at the Escuela Internacional de Cine y TV in Cuba, who plans to show a series of NFB Indigenous short films to her classmates. This determined young cinephile has arranged for us to ship a DVD to her parents in Vancouver, which they will take with them to Cuba when they go to visit her. Now that’s national pride!

The world has taken notice of Canadian film, making NCFD 150 a truly international affair!





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