National Canadian Film Day 150 Highlights

July 13, 2017

The numbers are in!  REEL CANADA’s National Canadian Film Day 150 an unprecedented celebration of Canadian cinema

On April 19, NCFD 150 rolled out across the country and around the world with 172,000+ Canadians watching a Canadian film together and 1,000,000+ tuning in from home  

TORONTO, ON (July 13, 2017) – REEL CANADA, presenter of National Canadian Film Day 150 (NCFD 150), released a “By the Numbers” report today that verifies NCFD 150 was an unprecedented cultural event in the life of this country, claiming the title of World’s Largest Film Festival (Ever!) By the numbers, NCFD 150 held 1,844 screenings in 23 countries, including Canada, with an estimated 172,000+ people who attended a live screening, and approximately 1,000,000+ watching a Canadian movie on their computer or TV screen. Preceded by a six-week promotional campaign, NCFD 150 had everyone from media to industry to the general public talking, and it caused a social media firestorm with Canadian film supporters generating a total 245,307,605 impressions across all platforms.

The full report can be accessed here.

“We set out to create a day that included every Canadian – regardless of the language they spoke or where they were located – and made sure they had access to a great Canadian film to enjoy on NCFD 150,” said Jack Blum, executive director, REEL CANADA. “We achieved that and so much more,” added Sharon Corder, artistic director, REEL CANADA. “NCFD 150 gave Canadians the opportunity to embrace the wonderful treasure trove of Canadian movies, and they did just that – in record numbers!”

Presented by REEL CANADA, NCFD 150 is a Canada 150 Signature Project supported by the Government of Canada. A full list of sponsors can be found on the website. Thanks to the support of these partners and more, as well as the film industry overall, NCFD 150 was the world’s largest film festival — ever — and the most accessible film festival our country has seen. Whether on foot, online or on-air, Canadians from coast to coast to coast were afforded the opportunity on April 19, 2017, to celebrate their country’s 150th birthday by watching a great Canadian film.


REEL CANADA is a non-profit organization that celebrates Canada through film. Canadian films are the stories we tell about ourselves — they open the door to so many conversations about place, nation, identity and what it means to be Canadian. REEL CANADA promotes the power and diversity of Canadian film and encourages this ongoing conversation through three core programmes: Our Films in Our Schools, Welcome to Canada and National Canadian Film Day 150. REEL CANADA has presented over 1,100 festivals of Canadian films for more than 400,000 high school students and new Canadians across the country since 2005. Through these programmes, REEL CANADA increases audiences for our films, encourages dialogue and, most crucially, provides an opportunity to enjoy our great nation through the wonderful stories we tell. By celebrating Canadian cinematic storytelling, we can build a stronger and prouder Canada.

About National Canadian Film Day 150 (NCFD 150)

National Canadian Film Day 150 (NCFD 150), an initiative of REEL CANADA, was created as a new way to celebrate this great nation, embrace Canadian cinema, and have some FUN! For 2017, NCFD 150 became the World’s Largest Film Festival, with 1844 screening events across Canada and in 22 other countries. Canadian film was everywhere — on foot, online and on-screen — thanks to the generous support of the Government of Canada and the Province of Ontario. NCFD 150 would not exist without our sensational Major Sponsors: Cineplex, CBC, Telefilm Canada, Quebec Cinema, Entertainment One, Google Canada, TIFF, Landmark Cinemas, VIA Rail, REDspace, Air Canada, William F. White International Inc. and Mercury Filmworks. Major Broadcast Partners include CBC, Bell Media, Hollywood Suite, Sportsnet, Corus, APTN, CHCH, OUTtv, Vision TV, Super Channel. Major distributor partners include Elevation Pictures, Mongrel Media, dFilms, KinoSmith, WFG, TVA, CFMDC, IndieCan Entertainment, Pacific Northwest Pictures and Canadian Indie Film Series.

For more information, please contact: 

Cara McCutcheon | REEL CANADA | 416-557-2139 |

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