Military Screenings: Standing on Guard for Canadian Film

April 7, 2017

Canada’s long and storied history of military contributions on the world stage means National Canadian Film Day 150 (NCFD 150) would not be complete without the involvement of our men and women in uniform. Fortunately, we are working with contacts in the Department of National Defense to ensure members of the Canadian Forces and their families all over Canada—and serving internationally—have a chance to join the fun.

In addition to Canada’s sesquicentennial this year, the country is also marking 100 years since the Battles of Vimy Ridge and Passchendaele. So it is fitting that the Canadian Forces Bases (CFBs), Operations (OPs) and Defense Academies (CDAs) who are celebrating NCFD 150 (which falls within a week of the Vimy Ridge anniversary) would use the day to screen stories of Canada’s military efforts.

Most of the bases will be celebrating the films of Paul Gross, whose explorations of the complex and harrowing realities of life as a soldier have no doubt been informed by his own experiences as the child of a Canadian Forces tank commander and grandson of a World War I veteran. His two war films show the remarkable ways war itself has changed over time, while still focusing on the lives of the people involved. PASSCHENDAELE recounts the devastating WWI land battle that claimed over 15,000 lives, and HYENA ROAD follows a group of Canadian soldiers in modern-day Afghanistan using intel, negotiation, and strategy to push back Taliban insurgency.

Rossif Sutherland & Paul Gross in HYENA ROAD

One base in Kingston, Ontario is opting for a celebration of a completely different kind. They will open the base’s gym for a family movie evening where they will screen SCORE: A HOCKEY MUSICAL.

We have over 50 military screenings planned in total. Outside of Canada, Forces members will participate in places as far away as Afghanistan, Algeria, Egypt, Mali, Haiti, Pakistan, Nigeria, South Sudan, Senegal, South Africa, Venezuela, Bahrain, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Jordan, Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq, Kurdistan, Lebanon, Kosovo and more!

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