Winter Kept Us Warm

Director: David Secter Year: 1965 Run Time: 81min
Winter Kept Us Warm (1965)

Doug (John Labow) is a well liked senior and Peter (Henry Tarvainen) is a shy freshman at the University of Toronto. The two young men become fast friends and start spending a lot of time together. But when their friendship” starts to move toward romance,  they face the tough challenge of how to deal with their newfound emotions (and their girlfriends). The first example of an LGBTQ-themed story by Canadian filmmakers, it remains a universally relatable story about young romance and the struggles of youth.

One of the first Canadian feature films to receive international critical attention, Winter Kept Us Warm was the first English-language film to premiere at Cannes and received a Special Jury Prize at the Montreal International Film Festival.


David Secter


David Secter, John Clute, Ian Porter


David Secter


John Labow, Joy Fielding, Henry Tarvainen, Janet Amos, Iain Ewing


Drama, Romance



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