The Mask

Director: Julian Roffman Year: 1961 Run Time: 83min
The Mask (1961)

When an archeologist finds an ancient mask, the excitement of the discovery soon becomes terror as he finds himself tormented by disturbing and surreal visions that slowly drive him mad. As these visions become increasingly violent, he must find a way to escape them before his nightmare becomes a reality. This horror classic was unleashed on audiences with an early use of 3-D, adding to its completely bizarre nature.

“The management is not responsible for nervous breakdowns,” one poster cautioned during the film’s original release! And while the film may not be that terrifying, the 3-D sequences were truly  inventive and unique, and remain surprisingly freaky and effective even now.

Unsettling and surreal, this was the first Canadian horror film released in theatres and is still a favourite amongst horror aficionados.


Julian Roffman


Slavko Vorkapić, Frank Taubes, Sandy Haver, Franklin Delessert


Julian Roffman


Paul Stevens, Claudette Nevins, Bill Walker


Horror, Sci-Fi/Fantasy



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