The Hockey Nomad

Director: Mike Downie Year: 2003 Run Time: 54min

This charming hour-long documentary is based on Dave Bidini’s bestselling book, Tropic of Hockey, and follows Dave as he travels around the world exploring the ways in which his beloved game of hockey has taken root in different cultures.

Dave's quest takes him far from the corporate branded arenas and millionaire players of professional hockey to lesser-known rinks in Dubai, Transylvania, and Mongolia. In each locale, he explores the origin of the local game and meets the eccentric and passionate people who play it.

If you’re a fan of the sport, you’re sure to love this heartfelt exploration of hockey’s international legacy. The film won the Gemini Award for Best Sports Documentary in 2003.


Mike Downie


Dave Bidini


Dave Bidini


Documentary, Sports





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