Silent Partner

Director: Daryl Duke Year: 1978 Run Time: 106min
Silent Partner (L'argent de la banque) (1978)

Miles Cullen (Gould) is a timid bank teller at Toronto’s Eaton Centre. When he realizes one day that his bank is about to be robbed by a menacing figure dressed as Santa Claus, he hides some of the bank’s money and keeps it for himself.

The thief (Plummer) soon figures out that he was outsmarted and decides to get the money back. This sets off a thrilling cat-and-mouse game between Miles and the madman with cunning plans and a dangerous temper.

Featuring a score by the legendary Oscar Peterson, this Canadian classic was the winner of several Canadian Film Awards (the precursor to the Genies). A chilling, thrilling web of mounting tension, suspense and clockwork efficiency.


Daryl Duke


Curtis Hanson


Garth H. Drabinsky, Stephen Young, Joel B. Michaels


Elliott Gould, Christopher Plummer, Susannah York





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Silent Partner is filmed and set in Ontario.

Ratings by Province:

NR Alberta
NR British Columbia
14A Manitoba
R New Brunswick
R Newfoundland and Labrador
R Nova Scotia
NR Northwest Territories
NR Nunavut
R Ontario
R Prince Edward Island
13+ Québec
NR Saskatchewan
NR Yukon