Painted Land: In Search of the Group of Seven

Director: Phyllis Ellis Year: 2016 Run Time: 70min

A must for fans of the Group of Seven and a great introduction for those who only know a few of their most iconic paintings. Painted Land weaves seamlessly the experiences of  Lawren Harris, J.E.H. MacDonald, A.Y. Jackson, Frank Johnston, Arthur Lismer, Franklin Carmichael and A.J. Casson – with the adventures of three modern day sleuths. Historian Michael Burtch, and the writer and photographer team of Gary and Joanie McGuffin are determined to track down the precise locations of these famous paintings. Archival film, letters, journals and photographs of the artists – some of which have never been seen in public – take the viewers back in time. This film weaves this history with a modern day adventure, up mountains, down canyon rivers and over portages with our trio as they try to achieve their own personal quest: to actually ‘walk in the Group of Seven’s footsteps’.


Phyllis Ellis


Nancy Lang


Nancy Lang, Michael Burtch, Gary McGuffin, Joanie McGuffin





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