Our Man in Tehran

Director: Larry Weinstein, Drew Taylor Year: 2013 Run Time: 85min
Our Man in Tehran (2013)

In 1979, when the US embassy in Iran was seized by militant Islamic revolutionaries, six American diplomats managed to escape. They found shelter in the home of Canadian ambassador Ken Taylor and eventually escaped the strife-torn country, thanks to his efforts.

These events were fictionalized in the Hollywood film Argo, but this fascinating doc sets the record straight through archival footage and the words of those who experienced it, all culminating in the fantastical plan devised to smuggle the fugitives out.

“Sometimes, the truth can be more entertaining than fiction. If Argo was a high-stakes political thriller…it was also a simplistic and escapist escape movie about the power of Hollywood to defeat evil. So now…we Canadians respond with a documentary to reclaim our true story.” — Simon Houpt, The Globe and Mail


Larry Weinstein, Drew Taylor


Drew Taylor, Robert Wright


Niv Fichman, Larry Weinstein, Drew Taylor






Larry Weinstein and Drew Taylor are from Ontario.

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