Mon Cirque à Moi

While some children may want to run away and join the circus, Laura (Jasmine Lemée), a young girl in rural Quebec, has grown up in a travelling circus and desperately wants a normal life. Her father (Patrick Huard) is a clown in the circus and can’t understand the need for a conventional life, believing that learning happens on the road. As their differences become more apparent, he must accept the fact that his daughter may not want to follow in his footsteps, and let her live the life that she wants.

Miryam Bouchard’s debut feature Mon cirque à moi is a heartwarming and hilarious crowd-pleaser that celebrates the power of family in all of its forms.


(2020) Director: Miryam Bouchard. Screenwriters: Miryam Bouchard, Martin Forget. Starring: Patrick Huard, Jasmine Lemée, Robin Aubert. 105 min. PG. French.