Maurice Richard (The Rocket)

Director: Charles Binamé Year: 2005 Run Time: 124min
Maurice Richard (The Rocket) (2005)

The Rocket traces the meteoric rise of hockey legend Maurice Richard (Dupuis), from his humble beginnings as a Montreal machinist during the Depression to star of the Canadiens and the greatest scorer in hockey.

But this is much more than a sports movie. Director Binamé frames the story in a cultural context: It isn’t until Richard, a man of few words, begins to speak his mind about the inequalities and prejudice directed toward French Canadians that he finds his voice.

Many feel that the riots caused by Richard’s suspension in 1955 were the spark that fuelled the Quiet Revolution in Quebec. This hockey blockbuster is chock-full of heart and history.

The Rocket was nominated for 13 Genie Awards and won nine.


Charles Binamé


Ken Scott


Daniel Louis, Denise Robert


Roy Dupuis, Julie Le Breton, Stephen McHattie, Patrice Robitaille


Drama, Sports


English, French


English, French

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Maurice Richard (The Rocket) is filmed and set in Quebec. Charles Binamé is from Quebec.

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