J.A. Martin photographe (J.A. Martin Photographer)

Director: Jean Beaudin Year: 1997 Run Time: 100min
J.A. Martin photographe (J.A. Martin Photographer) (1997)

It’s no secret that much of an artist’s craft is spent in solitude. For photographer J. A. Martin (Sabourin) in late 1800s Quebec, solitude is found in the countryside during the summer, when he travels around taking beautiful photographs to sell.

After 14 years of marriage, Martin’s wife (Mercure) decides to accompany him on one of his summer tours, using it as an opportunity to try to rekindle their relationship as they explore the uniquely beautiful landscapes of rural Quebec.

Winner of three Canadian Film Awards (including Best Feature Film) and the Best Actress award for Monique Mercure at the Cannes Film Festival.


Jean Beaudin


Jean Beaudin, Marcel Sabourin


Jean-Marc Garand


Marcel Sabourin, Monique Mercure, Luce Guilbeault, Jean Lapointe




French, Dubbed in English


J.A. Martin Photographe is filmed and set in Quebec. Jean Beaudin is from Quebec.

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