Director: Vincenzo Natali Year: 1997 Run Time: 90min
Cube (1997)

CUBE was produced by CFC Features in 1996.

Fear, paranoia, suspicion, desperation: In Vincenzo Natali’s cult classic, seven complete strangers find themselves trapped together in a booby-trapped puzzle of interconnected boxes.

Imprisoned in a seemingly endless maze of rooms, each with its own set of deadly traps and hidden dangers to overcome, the seven reluctant collaborators must try to work together to find a way out, without succumbing to the terrors of the cube. Will they crack the code and find an exit, or are they just burrowing deeper into a sinister game that they don’t understand and can never escape?

An absolute classic of Canadian sci-fi horror, Cube is a cool, complex film with a major cult following and a slew of sequels. The conceptually brilliant thriller marked Natali as a visionary new talent and has inspired a whole genre of “trapped in a puzzle” horror films including the wildly popular Saw franchise.


Vincenzo Natali


André Bijelic, Vincenzo Natali, Graeme Manson


Mehra Meh, Betty Orr


Nicole de Boer, Maurice Dean Wint, David Hewlett, Julian Richings


Horror, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Thriller






Cube is filmed and set in Ontario. Vincenzo Natali is from Ontario.

Ratings by Province:

NR Alberta
18A British Columbia
14A Manitoba
R New Brunswick
R Newfoundland and Labrador
R Nova Scotia
NR Northwest Territories
NR Nunavut
R Ontario
R Prince Edward Island
13+ Québec
18A Saskatchewan
18A Yukon