Bar salon

Director: André Forcier Year: 1974 Run Time: 84min
Bar salon (1974)

Shot in 1972 but released three years later, Bar Salon is a minimal, subtle drama that tells a tender and socially observant story. This simply shot black-and-white film follows Charles (L’Ecuyer), a down-on-his-luck salon owner who’s on the brink of losing his bar. With nothing left to do but close up shop, he manages to snag a gig that may go his way, but that too goes south.

This tender, witty and relatable slice-of-life film established writer/director André Forcier as a strong new voice in Quebec cinema. Forcier treats his characters with respect and affection, providing compelling insights into the gritty reality of their lives.


André Forcier


André Forcier, Jacques Marcotte


Jean Dansereau


Guy L'Écuyer, Françoise Berd, Lucille Bélair, Madeleine Chartrand, Jacques Marcotte


Drama, Family




Bar Salon was filmed and set in Quebec. André Forcier is from Quebec.

Ratings by Province:

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14A Manitoba
14A New Brunswick
14A Newfoundland and Labrador
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14A Prince Edward Island
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