A Married Couple

Director: Allan King Year: 1969 Run Time: 97min

In 1969, Allan King crafted one of the most intimate portraits of domestic life ever captured on film with A Married Couple. Billy and Antoinette Edwards are experiencing some marital crises: Power struggles and gender politics have come between them, and their relationship is in deep, deep trouble.

Inviting the cameras into their home, the Edwards allow King to film their life over 10 weeks in Toronto, which — like the film itself — is intense and hectic, frightening and funny. It’s a cinéma verité documentary unlike any other. Throwing the conflict and intimacy of the bonds of marriage into a spotlight that is at once both harsh and tender.

Staff Pick:

"I discovered this Allan King classic on an airplane of all places and it quickly became one of my favourite docs and Canadian films of all-time. A fascinating, moving watch." —Jessica


Allan King


Allan King


Allan King






A Married Couple was filmed and set in Ontario. Allan King is from Ontario.

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