Monarch Theatre presents Strange Brew

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Strange Brew (Les aventures de broue) (1983)

Strange Brew

Director: Rick Moranis, Dave Thomas Run Time: 90min Genre(s): Comedy

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A Canadian comedy classic, Strange Brew follows lovable hosers Bob and Doug McKenzie (Moranis and Thomas, respectively) on an epic adventure soaked with beer and filled with doughnuts.

When her father dies suddenly, Pam (Griffin) is orphaned, and control of her family’s brewery threatens to fall into the hands of the conniving Brewmeister Smith (von Sydow). In stumble Bob and Doug, who land jobs as beer inspectors when their scheme involving a mouse in a bottle impresses the brewery brass.

Hilarity ensues as the boys attempt to foil the Brewmeister’s sinister plot to take over the world. Though the film appears at first glance to be a bonehead comedy, it is a deceptively clever farce based on William Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Long before Wayne and Garth or Beavis and Butt-Head, there was Bob and Doug. Canada is proud to call them our own.

Cast: Rick Moranis, Dave Thomas, Max von Sydow, Lynne Griffin
Ratings by province or territory:
Alberta - NR
British Columbia - PG
Manitoba - PG
New Brunswick - PG
Newfoundland and Labrador - PG
Nova Scotia - PG
Northwest Territories - NR
Nunavut - NR
Ontario - PG
Prince Edward Island - PG
Québec - G
Saskatchewan - PG
Yukon - PG
Film language(s): English
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Date: April 19, 2017

Time: 7:30 PM

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