Canadian Films for Days (Hearst, On)

March 24, 2017

The small northern Ontario town of Hearst is no stranger to National Canadian Film Day. This year for National Canadian Film Day 150 (NCFD 150), they will continue the tradition they’ve been keeping up since 2014: stretching their party over several days!

This year, the largely-Francophone community is programming four days of cinematic celebration, starting on April 18 and going until April 21. The local Hearst Theatre will be hosting a whopping nine screenings. The diverse lineup notably includes Canada’s first CGI-animated feature, THE LEGEND OF SARILA, two showings of the family favourite LES PEE WEE, and WILL TO LIVE: GEORGE STEVEN ON AND OFF THE STREET, a Winnipeg Aboriginal Film Fest award-winning documentary short film about homelessness in northern Ontario.

Folks in Hearst love Canadian films so much that last year we brought in LOUIS CYR actor Guillaume Cyr all the way there, which meant flying him to Timmins and then driving three hours to Hearst – and the journey was totally worth it! One of the biggest draws this year will be the riotous political comedy GUIBORD S’EN VA-T-EN GUERRE (MY INTERNSHIP IN CANADA), which will feature a post-film Skype Q&A with one of the film’s stars, Clémence Dufresne-Deslières.

We have been thrilled at how excited the people of Hearst get about Canadian Film, and can’t wait to celebrate with them (and you!) again. We’re counting the days to NCFD 150, The World’s Largest Film Festival. Ever!   

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