Boom! NCFD 150 Explodes in Size

March 19, 2017

Wow! Get ready to watch some movies! National Canadian Film Day 150 (NCFD 150) is truly the largest film festival in the world! Ever.

Last year, National Canadian Film Day held over 400 events in communities across the country. This year, they clearly all convinced their friends to join in the fun!

This year, (drum roll please) we have confirmed over 1,700 NCFD 150 events across Canada, and abroad! That’s right – over 1,700 events, and not just in Canada. There are 30 Canadian Embassies and Consulates as well as over 50 military bases participating worldwide.

We also have major partnerships with TIFF (with 150 screenings across Canada) and Québec Cinéma (with over 100 screenings in 70 cities across Canada).

What a fantastic celebration of our nation for Canada’s 150th. We knew NCFD 150 would be big, but it has blown away our expectations!

This celebration of Canadian film has delightfully exploded thanks to the hard work of our REEL CANADA team, our enthusiastic sponsors; and of course thanks to the enthusiasm of our screening partners across the country and around the globe in cinemas, schools, community centres, libraries, legion halls and more.

What are you going to watch? Not sure? Start with our list of 150 Canadian films! Or check our Events page to find a movie playing near you on April 19!

Make sure to tweet #CanFilmDay on April 19 to tell us how you’re celebrating. Let’s get the world’s largest film festival trending!

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