Rabble: Vancouver film festival takes on colonization as Canada celebrates Confederation

March 13, 2017

Rabble features Beyond 150 Years: An Acknowledgement of Cinematic Territory.

This year marks 150 years since Canada’s Confederation. Pundits and institutions are feverishly marketing and promoting this celebration across all media. However, for Indigenous people in Canada, this period marks a time of occupation and continued colonization. And so, we’re encouraged to ask, what exactly are we celebrating and who is invited to the party?

REEL CANADA, Beyond 150 Years: An Acknowledgement of Cinematic Territory, presented at Vancity Film Centre in partnership with the Vancouver International Film Festival and the National Film Board of Canada, has brought these questions and so much more into the Canadian fabric. It aimed to shift the dominant narrative around colonization and to recognize the historic and continued resilience and contribution of Indigenous filmmakers across Canada.

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